About #FitWithUrsula

The best workout is the one you stick with and if you’re anything like me then music matters greatly.


Don't Let Tight Muscles Hold You Back Any Longer

Say goodbye to tight muscles and hello to a healthier, happier you with Ursula’s expert-led online stretching and yoga classes. Boost flexibility, reduce stress, and reach your fitness goals with personalized guidance and motivation.

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About #FitWithUrsula

I love moving to my favorite tracks and create themed classes, so you can easily find the one best suitable for you.  

I’ve always had an issue with time, or rather the passing of it, so I make sure not to waste any when teaching. It isn’t just about the time you spend working out, it’s also how you do it. 

My love for music and movement has led me to become a professional dancer and fitness instructor.  

I like to share the love by teaching classes that are both fun and extremely efficient.