Achieve a Strong, Defined Core

Functional Ab Workout
Classes by an Expert

Experience a powerful fusion of strength, balance, and stability training. Unlock your full potential with targeted and effective core workouts.


Take Your Core Strength to the Next Level and Achieve Your Dream Body

Unleash your full potential and achieve your dream body with Ursula’s expert guidance and high-energy functional ab workouts. Get motivated and take your muscle strength to the next level.

Elevating Core Strength

What are Functional Ab Workouts?

Functional abdominal exercises target your core muscles, strengthening them for improved stability, physical efficiency, and overall fitness. At FitWithUrsula, we offer expert-led ab workout classes to help you achieve a stronger, more defined core.  

Unlock a Healthier You

The Benefits of Functional Ab Exercises

Discover the numerous benefits of functional ab exercises:

Improved Digestion and Metabolism

Core strength training can help to improve digestion and metabolism. Strong abdominal muscles support the digestive system, enabling it to work more efficiently and allowing you to absorb more nutrients from food. 

Reduced Risk of Injury

A strong core can help to reduce the risk of injury. Particularly in the lower back when your muscles are weak and not properly supported, the risk of sprains and strains increases.  

Increased Overall Fitness and Health

Ab workouts can increase overall fitness and health by strengthening the core muscles, which are essential for balance and stability.  

Improved Athletic Performance

A strong core is essential for superior athletic performance. Core strength helps athletes maintain proper posture and balance, allowing them to move more efficiently in any sport or physical activity. For example, building a solid core and having the proper body posture can help you increase power and accuracy in your golf swing or improve your running form while also gaining speed. 

Increased Muscle Definition in the Abdominal Area

Ab workouts are an effective way to tone and define the abdominal muscles. By incrementally increasing the difficulty of your exercises, you can target different muscle groups in your core and reach your desired level of definition.

Improved Core Strength and Stability

Strengthening the muscles in your abdomen and lower back that help you maintain a strong center of gravity and support proper posture. Ab workouts target these muscles in your core, helping you maintain better balance and posture.

Join us at FitWithUrsula to experience the transformative power of ab, core and strength exercises and achieve your fitness goals.


Strengthen Your Core, Enhance Your Fitness with Ursula’s Ab, Core and Strength Workouts

It’s time to invest in your strength and transform your body. FitWithUrsula’s ab and strength workout classes will help you achieve superior fitness and get you in tremendous shape by toning your body.


Intensive Core Training to Reach Your Optimal Fitness Level

Ursula’s functional ab training classes will provide the foundation for a strong, balanced body. Get ready to sculpt your core and achieve superior fitness with the following classes: 

Stretching and Yoga Classes for Beginners

Ab workout classes

Designed to challenge and build strength in your abdominal muscles, lower back, and hips. With regular engagement, you’ll achieve a strong core that supports an active, healthy lifestyle.

Strength classes

Designed to challenge and build strength in your abdominal muscles, lower back, and hips. With regular engagement, you’ll achieve a strong core that supports an active, healthy lifestyle.

Intermediate and advanced Stretching and Yoga classes

Ready to Challenge Your Core?

What to Expect from Ursula’s Functional Ab Workout Class

Get ready to strengthen your core and push your limits with a workout that will leave you feeling empowered and accomplished. Here’s what you can expect:


Proper form is crucial in any exercise, especially when working your abs. This includes engaging your core, keeping your back straight, and avoiding swinging or jerking movements. 


Some functional ab training may require resistance bands, medicine balls, weights, or stability balls.  

Start with a few simple stretches and dynamic movements to warm your body and prepare for more intensive stretching. 


Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and sneakers that allow you to move freely. 

Your instructor will lead you through a warm-up that prepares your body for the specific exercises you will be doing. 


Pay attention to your instructor's instructions and concentrate on engaging your core throughout the workout. 

Push yourself to work at a challenging but manageable intensity. Your instructor may provide modifications and progressions to accommodate different fitness levels.


A proper cool-down to prevent injury and speed up recovery. Your instructor will lead you through a cool-down that includes stretching and breathing exercises.

Get ready to sculpt your core and achieve superior fitness! Check out the classes today.


Meet Your Ab Workout Instructor

Ursula is a highly qualified and passionate Workout instructor. She will motivate and challenge you to unlock your full potential with her expertise and contagious enthusiasm. Ursula is passionate about helping people develop strong muscles and reach their highest fitness level.  

Ursula brings her dedication to every class, ensuring her students receive the best possible results. With her belief that anyone can achieve their goals through hard work and determination, Ursula is the ideal guide to lead you toward a stronger, healthier you.


Transform Your Body and Unleash the Power of Your Core

Join expert instructor Ursula and discover the benefits of a stronger, more defined muscles. Sign up for a class today and prepare to take your fitness to the next level!

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