Revolutionize Your
Workout with Ursula's
Rhythm Cycling Classes

Elevate your exercise routine with a fusion of heart-pumping cardio, muscle-toning strength, and thrilling fun. Join the rhythm and feel the burn! 


Get in the Groove with
FitWithUrsula's Rhythm
Cycling Classes

Join Ursula’s rhythm cycling classes and maximize the power of music-driven workouts.

Discover A New Way to Sweat

What is Rhythm Cycling?

Rhythm cycling or ‘rhythm ride cycling’ is a high-energy full body workout that fuses rhythm and movement. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking to synchronize with the beat of the music. 

Our expert instructor will guide you through an exhilarating workout where you’ll ride, dance, and tone your body to the beat of the music. With a focus on fun and allowing yourself to get lost in the music, you’ll be empowered to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. 

Get ready to get in tremendous shape and feel the euphoric power of music-fueled movement. Join us for a heart-pumping, body-toning experience like no other!  

Improve Coordination & Cardiovascular Health And Fitness with Ursula’s Rhythm Ride Classes

Enjoy the benefits of rhythm cycling and allow yourself to get lost in the music in this dynamic and stimulating exercise experience.  


Maximize your calorie burn and reach your weight loss goals with our Rhythm Cycle classes. 


Enhance your physical endurance and shape your physique with our comprehensive workout sessions. Our exercises focus on strengthening every muscle group to boost your overall muscular endurance. 

IMPROVE YOUR cardiovascular health

Enjoy the cardiovascular benefits of high energy Cycling Classes. Regular participation in our dynamic workouts can help reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, and maintain healthy blood pressure. The better in shape you are, the lower your resting heart rate will be. The health benefits of consistent endurance exercise, like cycling, have been proven in plenty of studies.  


Get ready to sweat and burn calories with our full out high energy classes! Intense cardio workouts, like spinning, are powerful tools for reaching your weight loss goals. Not only will you burn plenty of calories during the class, the afterburn effect will allow your body to consume more calories for several hours after coming to rest.  


Say goodbye to stress with our fun Rhythm Cycling classes. These intense workouts release endorphins, creating a feeling of euphoria and calmness. Regular participation will leave you feeling energized and relaxed, leading to improved overall physical and mental well-being.


Increase your well-being with our high-intensity exercise classes. Our workouts will help boost your mood through natural endorphin surges, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and confident. Open your mind to the possibility of a healthier, happier you. 


Embark on an indoor cycling adventure that's both invigorating and rejuvenating! You'll be riding to the beat of energetic music, with your heart rate soaring. These fat burning cardio spin classes are ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking an intense workout that pushes them to the limit and gets them in tremendous shape.


Have Fun as You Pedal to the Beat with Ursula While Burning Calories!

Join Ursula for a sweaty and motivating workout experience. Rhythm cycling classes burn calories while being enjoyable. Get ready to smile and sweat simultaneously! 


Unique And Fun Rhythm Ride Classes

Having a fun and unique fitness experience while listening to great music makes Rhythm Cycling a hit. Learn from Ursula’s specialized rhythm cycling classes and get fit while having a great time. We dance on these bikes!  

Intro to Rhythm Cycling

Intro to Rhythm Cycling

These classes are the perfect starting point for riders looking to get into rhythm cycling. Led by an experienced instructor, you will experience a slower-paced class that focuses on the basics of rhythm cycling, such as postures, hand placements and transitions.  

Intermediate and advanced Rhythm Cycling Classes

Perfect for experienced cyclists wanting to boost their capabilities—these classes feature a faster pace, are more intense and have a more complicated choreography. Be prepared to sweat, push yourself to the limit, and be challenged with these high-intensity, fat and calorie burning workouts!

Intermediate and advanced Rhythm Cycling Classes

Themed Rhythm Rides

Themed Rhythm Rides

These classes will add a unique twist to your rhythm cycling experience. They differ from the standard rhythm cycling classes in various ways, adding variety to your workouts.


Indoor Cycling Rhythm Ride Class Expectation

Learn what to expect during a rhythm cycling class, including proper cycling form, equipment required, and tips for getting the most out of your workout.


Every woman who struggles with food, their body and their own self-care deserves to have an ‘out’.


The class takes place on a stationary bike, where you’ll learn to customize your resistance level and position for an optimal workout. 

Before the class officially begins, the instructor will guide you through possible resistance settings and postures to get the most out of your session. 

We suggest a workout plan to strive for, but you are more than encouraged to adjust the resistance and positions that suit your physical condition.


As you exercise, your instructor will give instructions on the pace to maintain to ride with the beat of the music. However, don't become accustomed because each class and song has a unique rhythm! 

Classes are suitable for all ages! 

Come ready to sweat, dance, and experience cardio, strength, and fun. With Ursula’s rhythm cycling class, you’ll feel energized, refreshed, and proud of your progress. Get ready to experience the power of rhythm and movement, and join us today!


Get To Know Your Rhythm Cycling Classes Instructor

Meet Ursula, the passionate and experienced instructor behind FitWithUrsula’s high-energy rhythm cycling classes.       

Ursula is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. She brings her extensive training and dynamic teaching style to every class, ensuring a fun and challenging workout that motivates and inspires her students. Join Ursula on the journey to a healthier, fitter you today!

Ursula resting after spinning class

Ignite Your Body and Soul with Refreshing & Music-Driven Rhythm Ride Workouts

Experience high-energy workouts for a stronger, leaner, and more energized you.

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